Business Health Coaching

Perspectives for healthy performance

In hot phases of life with professional or private problems, the most important thing often gets lost: your orientation. Professional coaching then helps you to create clarity. And to expand your spectrum of action and to take advantage of new, better opportunities.

When business coaching helps: exemplary situations

People are individuals – their stations in life are unique. However, the situations in which my Business Coaching provides you with assistance are similar:

  • Desire for a career change: especially if you consistently feel pressure, want to clarify why, take necessary steps, or regain control.

  • Special demands as a leader: when, despite sunny performance, one’s own negative emotions cast too many shadows

  • Steps to self-employment: Steps to self-employment: to dispel doubts, build up resilience and support the initial idea to the business plan.

  • After a burn-out – in order to develop the necessary prophylactic strategies for executives, top performers, and high performers against a renewed burn-out

  • Unresolved conflicts: including those that have already manifested themselves physically

  • Desires for better self-care: on the topics of sleep, nutrition, the cycle of tension and recreation.

  • General loss of professional or private orientation

Business Health Coaching: a package for your concerns

An integral part of my business coaching is the factors that determine your health for a healthy performance. Because to perceive the very own body signals and physical information, recognize them as such, and classify them correctly offers enormous help for your life and your goals.

Business Health Coaching: Finding your own approach to solutions

You are the focus – your world, your circumstances, and your experiences. Together we develop solutions that build on this foundation that you carry within you. Your tools, your competencies to tackle problems count. I accompany you in discovering your tools and your very personal levers for situations and problems. And give you the feedback you need to freely decide on alternatives.

I look forward to a future-oriented dialogue in which we develop different perspectives and discuss your potential – with authentic feedback.

On-site in Frankfurt or digitally: individual and group or team coaching sessions

I would be happy to welcome you to my practice in Frankfurt am Main. Via video conference, we can also enter into a reliable dialogue throughout Germany and internationally. For employees and executives of your company, I offer group or team coaching on-site at your premises throughout Germany and abroad.

Arrange a free initial consultation now: Let’s get to know each other!

Yes, the chemistry has to be right;  feel free to let us look at your topics and goals together in an initial preliminary meeting by phone or video chat. Take your time to process your impressions and let your intuition guide your decision.

Please contact me for a free initial consultation via email or directly click the button “free consultation”.