1:1 Coaching

Perspectives for healthy performance

In difficult phases of life – with professional or private challenges – the most important thing is often lost: your orientation and therefore your view of your resources, strengths, abilities, goals, and possibly also your further development. I often hear the term “not being able to see the wood for the trees” from clients in these phases. That’s why the reasons for and the path to business coaching are correspondingly complex, multi-layered, and multi-factorial.

What issues can individual coaching help with?

This is only intended to give you a small insight so that you can develop a feeling for the topics in business coaching. Of course, each person and his or her situation is so individual that it is not possible to look at them in clusters. Nor do the above points cover all topics.

The coaching process

I am delighted that you are reading this and are interested in business coaching with me. The next step, if what you are reading appeals to you, is a free consultation call. You can arrange this here using the calendar function. The main purpose of this is to allow both parties to get to know each other briefly and find out whether the chemistry is right. This is very important for a productive and constructive coaching process. You should also have the opportunity to briefly discuss your issues and goals to determine how and whether I can support you. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to ask me questions during our exchange. If a collaboration is conceivable for both sides, we will arrange the first appointment together.

My coaching sessions can either take place in person in Berlin or, of course, virtually via Zoom. As I have many clients who live neither in Berlin nor in Germany, coaching via Zoom is a tried-and-tested format that can certainly have advantages for clients in practice, if only to save time.

Why does Business HEALTH Coaching play an important role?

Time and again, I find that people initially don’t know what to make of the combination of business, health, and coaching, which I can well understand. The INHESA Institute, where I completed the majority of my trainings and certificates, is the first institute in Germany to combine coaching with medical knowledge and thus effectively link the topic of health and self-care with business and life coaching.

As a business coach, I naturally work with clients almost always in a performance context and on topics that ultimately always deal directly or indirectly with increasing/optimizing personal performance or at least further development. Based on my own experience, however, it is simply too one-sided and can also be quite difficult in terms of health if we focus exclusively on self-optimization in the sense of improving performance. There is an urgent need – perhaps more than ever – for a balance between performance and regeneration or compensation. Hence business health coaching.
As a coach, it is important to me in my work to always pay attention to the mental health aspect. This does not necessarily mean that we mentally search for a suitable sporting balance for you. As human beings, we also stay healthy through a balanced mental state. Coaching is about helping you to find a solution for yourself and the issues in your life as quickly as possible. For me, the mental health aspect lies in the approach you take to finding your solutions: in my view, the ground must first be prepared for effective and sustainable solutions. To this end, we also deal with possible mental blockages, blind spots, and compensations. Solutions that are developed based on existing blockages or internal conflicts, for example, generally do not have a long lifespan and tend to increase the pressure on mental health rather than having a relieving effect.
Business health coaching is therefore primarily about not considering performance optimization as the sole maxim, but rather about achieving performance improvement and optimization WITHOUT personal gain. If you like, it is about looking at you in your individuality and identity with all aspects of your life.

Individual coaching for managers or those who are about to become managers

I often accompany clients either on their way into their first management role or on their way out of a management role they have already taken on. Leadership is and always will be a demanding challenge because it usually entails a wide range of requirements and a high density of events, decisions, and even conflicts. It should never just be about looking at the strengths and weaknesses of your skillset, but also about your identity as a manager. Who are you or who would you like to be? Time and again, I have found that managers do not usually end up in their position “by accident”; they have above-average skills, knowledge, and/or performance. Nevertheless, nobody is born with a fully developed set of skills and certainly not with a clear vision of themselves as a manager and their own identity. Executive coaching or individual coaching for managers helps you to take a closer look at yourself. Where do you stand today, what are you already really good at, what are your challenges, what would you like to work on, who are you in your role as a manager, where are your internal and external conflicts, and much more?
Of course, many clients and managers also decide to come to me for coaching because they want to discuss different situations and perspectives in a targeted sparring session and work on their development or the development of other action strategies. It is often also about dealing with stress and change personally.
You are welcome to make an appointment here for a free consultation call – I look forward to hearing from you!

Individual coaching versus group coaching

How can that go together, or does it even? Every reason to engage in coaching is highly individual and so is the way we work or work most productively. There is no question that one-to-one coaching always has advantages in terms of the intensity and depth of the exchange because the 1:1 setting makes this possible.

However, I also find time and again that people really appreciate working in group coaching and the methods and tools associated with it and often take advantage of individual coaching again afterward or seek support exclusively in the group coaching setting to find their solutions.

What group coaching can offer:
  1. Diverse perspectives – People with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives come together in a group. This opens up new perspectives for each participant.
  2. Sense of community – Group coaching helps to create a sense of community in which participants support each other, motivate each other, and find inspiration through sharing.
  3. Learn from each other – Participants share their experiences and challenges within the group, which promotes a mutual learning process.
  4. Social component – The group setting acts as a network for social cohesion, providing emotional support for the participants.
  5. Promotion of introspection – Participation in group coaching offers the opportunity to rethink one’s thought processes and behavioral patterns through the contributions and feedback of other group members.

Together with my experienced coach colleague Claudia Kensy, I therefore offer group coaching sessions on specific topics that can be worked on very well in the group and you have the option of booking individual coaching at any time to suit your needs. You can find our workshops here.