Don’t Call Me Sick! Coaching Program

Don’t Call Me Sick! is a coaching program that helps performance-oriented people and high achievers to shape their future in the best possible way after a health crisis, even or especially because the conditions in their lives have changed fundamentally.
With our holistic, scientifically, and medically based coaching approach, we are pioneers in the coaching environment and enable people to reshape their lives after a health crisis.
Due to demographic developments, companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of how to reintegrate employees who have been ill for a longer period back into working life. Of course, processes such as the Hamburg model or occupational health management (OHM) measures are already in place, but sometimes these measures are not enough because there is simply not enough time to resolve the issue of the person’s highly individual situation. Therefore, companies enable their employees to participate in our program or companies establish their exclusive in-house Don’t Call Me Sick! programs.
Our offer is aimed at both companies and private individuals. The coaching program can be booked either in individual modules or as an annual program. For more information, please visit our website, we look forward to hearing from you!