My story: experience that counts

Business health coaching: sporty, entrepreneurial, international

As a business coach, it gives me great pleasure to accompany people on their journey. In the corporate context, this often involves teams that find themselves in difficult conflict situations and want to re-establish constructive ground and benevolent cooperation with the help of a coach.
My cultural background as a half-Japanese and my stays in the USA, Tokyo, and Amsterdam have shaped me personally, but above all my passion and enthusiasm for international corporate contexts.

Professional background

After completing my studies in Business Administration & Japanese, I initially worked as a personnel consultant, where I was able to get to know a wide variety of companies and highly qualified positions across all industries; an experience that still accompanies me today in coaching sessions and always serves me as an important knowledge and information resource. I find it very enriching to be able to see, understand, and categorize my clients and teams clearly in a corporate context.
After my time in HR consulting, I immersed myself in the digital world for the first time as the founder of a web platform that acted as a bridge between local Americans and German life, something I have always been very interested in. I continued this in cooperation with the largest regional newspaper publisher in the Rhine-Main area. I then set up and managed a digital agency for the publisher.
After my time at the publishing house, I continued digital consulting as a freelancer and am still very enthusiastic about “digital topics” today.

Active years in the sport: basketball, coach 2nd Bundesliga

My youth was characterized by competitive sport – in a positive and also challenging sense. My time as a basketball coach in the 2nd Bundesliga reinforced this even more and made me realize what role mental balance and (mental) balance play. My firm conviction stems from these times: Of course, it is possible to increase potential and make the most of it. But as an athlete, I am also familiar with the other side of the performance coin: if you want to run at the limit and still deliver, you need a healthy self-concept – based on:
My coaching approach is also based on this self-concept to develop your potential in harmony with healthy performance.


It may sound strange, but it gives me the greatest joy and fulfillment to be able to accompany people in their challenging situations and conflicts and to be a sparring partner for them.

In the individual coaching setting, it is the trusting work on the individual issues that are subsequently illuminated, understood, resolved, and, in the best case, placed on a healthier, more constructive, or more self-effective foundation that drives me.

Coaching is also always deeply trusting work and it is my aspiration and conviction that I always approach people with all their issues with great dedication and trustworthiness.

In team settings or even multi-party settings in companies, I accompany conflicts with great conviction, preferably always where there is a real snag to begin with. Our culture does not necessarily provide for tackling conflicts head-on, whether they involve one person or several. Often, the demands of a rapidly and continuously changing working environment make it almost necessary to overlook conflicts. In my experience, however, very few conflicts miraculously disappear into thin air. There is enormous potential in conflict coaching and therefore in the conflicts themselves, and dealing with them always leads to movement.

Training and certifications

I initially completed my training as a certified business coach at the Dr. Bock Academy in Berlin. I also obtained the following certifications at the renowned INHESA Institute for Health & Selfcare:  

I am an Affiliate Member of the Institute of Coaching McLean, Affiliate of Harvard Medical School.